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Hold Me Like You Always Will – I Will Be With You…

August 26, 2017

Douglas and Jake

Douglas is spending some time with his friend Jake Greer, who passed into spirit on August 10, 2017. It was three weeks before his 17th birthday.


It was August 24th, 2017, when I was driving home on Route 10, out of Perth to Westport, ON, when I saw this young man on the side of the highway, much like he is pictured above… I could see him from a distance off, as I was approaching where he stood… it was in front of a fresh memorial, near Narrows Lock Rd… I was listening to a CD by Royal Wood, “We Were Born To Glory”, and particularly, “I’ll Be Gone”, when I passed him… It was one of those images that seared into your head…   The more I listened to the CD, the more I realized that “this” was another one of those “coincidences”… so I turned the car around.. and headed back!

I introduced myself to this young man, and asked him to tell me about his kindred friend.  He introduced himself as Douglas, and he introduced me to Jake Greer, the young man who had been in the accident on August 10th.  Here is the letter that I wrote to friends:  In honour of Jacob “Jake” Greer – 2000 – 2017

Dear Jake,
I write this to honour and respect the gift your kindred friend Douglas paid you with today…you see I found him on the side of the highway… in solitude with his memories of you… He had been crying because already he misses you… so I paid heed of the song that was playing by Royal Wood, I’ll Be Gone, turned around and went back… later Douglas thanked me for turning was in fact my honouring both you and Douglas..I would do it again in a heartbeat…

I introduced myself to your dear friend and asked him to tell me about you.. Douglas doesn’t yet know if you died on location, or if you died on the way to the hospital… your friend is still in shock.. he tells me you were 16 and three weeks away from your birthday.. so I told him about Matt.. and that this first year will be the hardest for all of you…you for missing your friends still here on the earth plane, but also for your kindred brothers like Douglas, who are still in shock and missing you badly…

He is almost 2 years older than you.. and already testing out his wings to fly… but he feels badly about everything that happened on the 10th!  I think it just sort of happened, but with very changing consequences for you… perhaps your lesson plans this time around were simply to touch hearts spend a brief time with those you love fiercely, popping in briefly before you head Home again.. as the eternal young man that you are..

…but I want you to know that he has earth angels who will look out for him and find a way to create a connection between the two of you… I will write your story on my blog… Douglas has given permission to display his presence with you on the side of the highway…

There are Mom’s out there who will watch over their shoulders to comfort.. to offer their insight.. and to ensure that your friends don’t stand too close to the highway, while they spend time near the place that you last were…

Know that we are here to talk about the energy that you now are, but that you are embraced Jake, along with your friends…love and light upon this new leg of your journey… I extend my Mom hugs to you …go find Matt and Maitland.. You are in good hands.. and I will do what I can for Douglas here…

Much love and green energy to you Jake..the blog and pictures will hopefully raise awareness for those things that matter to you the most..

luv and light xoxo Be Well

The song after I’ll Be Gone, was followed by “Always Will”, and that is what I decided to name this honorarium to Jake… times are changing and more of us speak about energies, and our understanding of them.. we too are on a precipice to empower individuals with our connection to Spirit, and to Home… it is an uplifting way to connect to Jake, and to move forward with all that he is now.. which is indestructible energy and consciousness… and maybe just maybe a little kick-ass attitude!

In spirithood and respect to All our Relations,


There is a blade of grass in this photo that looks out of place, until you are told that it points to the road Jake was on, just before he crossed the road into the hillside of Route 10.  There is a memorial that is about 20 years older of another tragic accident that happened only about 100 feet from this latest tragedy.



Jake was into fixing up his Honda, and the boys are going to get together and finish what Jake started.



There are many momentos at this memorial site.. all representing Jake’s personality.. he will be missed by friends, classmates, and family.  Come back as energy, so that those that care know it is no coincidence that they feel, see, and experience you.. as you are now Jake!


A Celtic Toast.. for the day after!

February 15, 2017

Here’s a toast to all of those we love, adore, and have “togetherness” with.. for the things we have shared, do share, and that are waiting in the wings..

It’s not just one day, or a commercial, or a DNA explosion that is time-stamped to go off on just Valentine’s Day.. I salute that we are on a path together, and the lessons we are all learning..

Who Am I?

They say..

meditate, encourage,

inspire the change.. believe

Birth your inner body’s soul

..which is eternal energy,

sustain, serenity, endure…

Never give up!

Have a voice!

Know that you are adored.. green energy out to you all..
Much love,

The Reverberation: 1974

February 4, 2017

Yesterday, I posted a salute to Former White House counsel John W. Dean as a commendation for his ground – stood and held – in 1973, against participation in the Watergate affair.  As mentioned in Merriam-Webster’s, “Word of the Day” his word “calamity” on “Twitter” was trending, but their word that day was imprecate.  The humor was not lost, nor its subliminal illusion!   A new president is now seated in power, and the North American continent will see what reverberations will come to fruition.  The public tweets, as does the 45th president.  You can follow John Dean’s tweets @JohnWDean.

The air resonated that summer of 1974 with the rumbling undertones of impeachmentThe US military were on both sides of the Atlantic with those discussions.  While historical figures, such as John Dean, were in the camera’s public eye, as part of the White House’s foists, the stone had already been cast into the pond of ordinary lives, and waves were already rippling outward.

I had just turned 18 that summer, when “Uncle Phil”, our host, got the call one Sunday, late in July of 1974, to head into London immediately.  He was my high school friend’s cousin; and for some reason he felt ill-equipped in the art of babysitting two teenagers; however, he was in fact a phenomenal, and gracious host, along with his Dad, “Uncle Stan”.  He was with Her Royal Majesty’s fleet in Portsmouth, and dedicated to his career.  My friend and I had spent a couple of weeks in the hospitality of these two admirable Anglo-Saxons, with day excursions out to New Forest, Hampshire, and London.  But.. on this day we were gathered and placed in the car for the ride to London’s Thames and Putney’s neighbourhood.

I don’t recall now if we had planned to visit London that day, but the unexpected call had become the foible in the plans.  Orders were called out, and we were suddenly bundled into the car for London.  The car was ushered through the military gatehouse and into the compound, with minimal questioning.  Uncle Phil was not questioned about the two teenage kids in tow.  The day’s journey changed slightly, when we were handed off to a spritely young American officer, not much older than ourselves.  A young dapper, and energetic American soldier was bestowed and ordered to babysit (us) the teenage girls.. I don’t recall seeing his style cramped with us as his new charges!  We were two young Canadian kids, the Americans were already there, and the Brits were hosting the affair!  Uncle Phil moved quickly into a designated area of the grounds for his sudden meeting, and we were guided and moved along to a more social outdoor lawn and gathering, as entourages.

The conversation flowed, as he was gifted at entertaining his audience…which were now junior officers, and a small presence of civilians.. but we were all in an inner circle..!!  He quipped,“I think by the time I get home this weekend, I may have a new boss.” At the time it went over our heads!!  He was cajoled by a young British officer, in a tete-a-tete of military foibles, but held his ground well against the light and verbal taunting.  The British officer, upon realizing that the bantering wasn’t gaining any ground, finally  turned sharply on his heel and gibed,“Don’t forget, we sent our unwanted to rule your kind!”  Our American officer just shrugged his shoulders at us, and said something to the effect that maybe he didn’t like being outgunned by a Yankee per se!!  The meeting went “well”, and we were on our way again within a few hours.  Funny what you remember, and put into your chest of ponderings!

Such are the ripples of these times .. and affairs!

As one, who believes in reincarnation, I am enchanted with the idea.. the notion.. and abstract.. of a return visit by one spoiled brat and once King Henry VIII, who brought down the monopoly of Catholicism, with the aide of a highly organized statesman, named Thomas Cromwell.  Will we see a repeat in history, only with a subject line in capitalism?

Cromwell was a level-headed and logical thinker, with a background in the legal world, not papacy.  Was he placating his master, or feeding an obsession?  He may have been a prodigy, mesmerized by the world of organized constitutional legislation… and as such, one who was obsessed to feed his habit!  He pumped the likes of legislation through Parliament, that was not equated again until the 20th Century.  He was a logical, methodical, and unemotional in his execution as Secretary and Advisor.  He held an acute perception of the times he lived in, as well as a steadfast and uncanny ability to focus on the task at hand.  He may have been a loyal statesman, who believed the rumination of his King, along with the ideologies, the dogma, and desire to erode the power-base held in Rome.  It is debated that he may have agreed with King Henry, and therefore shared in ambitions to embrace Henry’s goals. He became Henry’s right-hand man, and this placed him in history’s continuum to unleash his skills, toward a constitutional change.. something desired by “boss and crown”.  The debate as to where his heart really lay, still goes on.. in History 201!

Has Trump found his “Cromwell”?  I wish to submit this thought to you as another card.. do we have Henry VIII on the power-seat again, and does he have his “Cromwell”?

George Orwell’s 1984″ is hitting the great reads list again..  In 1948-1950, Winston Smith’s job was to “fabricate fact” and create “alternative facts”. The book ends in the loss of the hope of/from the proletarians.. with the slippery slope downward ..  to brainwashed, robotized citizens.. with “Winston Smith awaiting his bullet in the back by big brother”.  The “two-minute” hate show is still alive today .. with the likes of “lock her up”, “down with big brother”.. in pursuit of a better life for all of us  ..“populous politics funnels hatred”.. comments shared today by academics Jean Seaton and John Sutherland with Eleanor Wachtel. England, America, Canada.. we are still engaged in this debate.. psychic residue and tapings for future readers to participate in..within our continuum!

playford-rise-in-sway-hants-001-032  Then, a young adult, watching the issues of our times!

As the camera – with all of today’s technology, tools, software and programs, and networks – becomes utilized, there will be too many clicks escaping the action of suppression, elimination, etc… But there will be open margins for connection, for social networking, for merging, etc.  Just ask our First Nation people about their experience with immigration and crowd control, when it came to the throng of 1000’s at the shoreline!

As one who was in front of my grandfather’s camera as a baby on up, it was the natural tool to pick up as I grew; and once embarked on my own path of art studies, it was a natural enigma to work with..  Photography – for me –  when combined with a love of history, engages my mind, and the want to move the body to be in the places where one can learn more.. This life has already dropped me into coincidences.. and issues of our time!  Click away my fellow populous – they can’t be everywhere.. for mentoring skills please consult our First Nations, and this time place a decent honorarium their way!

In solidarity to..


Love to all who stand their ground.. and to those who wish to stand

Sensibilia – Right-fitting Your Heart’s Notion of Growth

January 27, 2017


Two summers ago, this is what I was coming home to…

It was a year of changes in the communication industry, whereby cut-throat decisions were placating the frenzy of bean-counters wanting to feed the greed of stakeholders, who desired more bang for their buck… too many times at the cost of chopping more off the “quality of life” for the working poor.

My department moved hemispheres.  We remained employed – that was a relief – but we started back at the bottom of another department; that… despite the tenure and hard work, already invested in creating problem-solving formulas for industry-first transitions.  Fourteen years ago the FCC raised the anti on what people could do with “their” pride and joy – their phone number.  But whose “pride and joy” was it really!?  People use their number as a source-point of contact and for communication.  For some this was an identity icon that embedded its sequence of digits as part of their art form, or part of a mnemonic code spelling out their short messages.  Ownership, despite who paid the bill, was still in the industrial hand of the service providers, not the consumer!  It was a revelation to many that this “icon” was not really theirs to hold on to.. not theirs to retain..should the industry so chose to change any rule, within those espoused by the FCC.  It was indeed a conscious-raising of what.. in the everyday chest of toys..  truly was in the consumer’s control.

As an individual, my writing skills were a written asset.  My schedule was about to do a 140!  I was about to join the ranks of the night-life.  I decided that there had to be something in it for me… what you see is what I decided to do… I am a night-hawk, but not an all-niter!  Sunrises were not in my repertoire.. more-so it was the sunsets!  But coming home at 5:00 am in the morning was putting me in the right moment and place to take the shots, and to watch Amerin dawn her colors for the breaching of another day.. and all in the calmness and on the waters of the Saint Lawrence River.. the 26th longest in the world!

This became my focus.. my paradigm shift.. to extricate an element of fine art, and place it into my other-wise high-jacked schedule.  How to make the best of what was given, and placed upon my plate that summer!  These  still are the most vivid morning sunrises I have had the pleasure of being witness to.. conscious of..  all during the waxing and waning of the Summer Solstice.

It is a disappointment that humans are factoring less in importance, when slicing off another operational cost, but one has to figure out whether.. you demean and let your presence in your own life’s value fall below that of your own autonomous value, or whether.. you gather energy and courage to stuff that plate with more of the food-types that you find invigorating.  It is easier said than it is to piggy-back your interests off a paid gig! But, that gig may one day eliminate the human component from its equation completely… but it is better to ride that pig into a better pasture of sensibilia, and genuine presence.  After all what you do and represent as your own iconic definition.. is what makes you tick.. and what makes you…YOU!!



Colloquialisms – “What’s in your Geo-pocket?”

January 22, 2017

So, what’s in your neighbourhood? ..your Geo-pocket?

Global migration, emigration, sabbatical leaves, PTO experiences, (and lately Airbnb experiences)…bring all sorts of people to us; who bring all sorts of colloquialisms in their pockets to enrich the space we play in and inhabit.

“You’re so tight you couldn’t rub the beaver off a nickel!!”…One of my colleagues stuffed this one in her pocket, as she hiked on out of Alberta, although I suspect it didn’t originate there, but rather that it is uniquely one of hers!  An expression of frustration, I gather, that addresses the concerns of our material world?!. or, perhaps more accurately, the inequality that is riddled and mired in it?!  I’ll get back to you on this one, as I wish to hear her elaborations… because who knows with ;D;D… it could absolutely “hoof off” in another direction!!  “Hoof off” is one of mine, but this is simply what happens when two quirky gals get together, and share their stories about some of the unusual paths they’ve taken on this latest rideLanguage collides, crashes into one another.. redefines, reevaluates,  rediscovers itself…reincarnates… all in the aura/arena of laughter, one of our greatest medicines, I believe!  Of late, I have become fascinated again with language, and how we incorporate and relate.

As Colorado’s OneRepublic (“Native”) says, “I was looking for an angel to chase the devil out of mine.” ..or as my aMuse tells me.. to chase around the devil that’s in mine!! “He was a million miles from a million dollars; but you could never spend his wealth..”  I think it speaks about our spiritual wealth; something not synonymous with our piggy banks; something that we can take with us beyond the grave.. for those inclined!  I found their work very recently, and really like the naughty-nice duality that they intertwine in their lyrics.. never mind the drop dead gorgeous rhythm, acoustics, video accoutrements, etc., that physically play with your sensibilia.

Global migration, emigration, sabbatical leaves, PTO experiences… these are the norm in today’s world of travel, and you don’t need to be an augur of Ancient Rome to find an experience that right-fits with your heart’s notion of growth, be it spiritual growth, or whatever rocks your socks, as needed or as desired.  You don’t need to belong to elite or privileged classes to pack your bags, and drop all that is in your gear, to expand this ride’s experience!  Go play in someone else’s Geo-pocket, and take your colloquialisms with you to share with those you find there.. don’t forget to ask them how they see and view their language, so that you can go colliding together!!

Let’s play a game, where all the lives we’re in can change…” because..”..all that really matters is we’re doing it right now…”  By the way, a big thank you to OneRepublic for writing about that which amuses your minds, and then sending/singing it out into the world for the rest of us to merge with.. you’ve got quite the knack!!

To all our relations (then and and there),

Thoughts in post script, as I stand corrected!

For those beautiful souls who are slightly dyslexic by inclination, I will leave my mondegreen as originally solidarity.. as I too like to include myself in the heap with those, who let their endorphin out for a twirl, every once in awhile… the real phrase is, “you are so tight you would rub the beaver off a nickel!”  The story contributions by ;D;D are still in the wings!






A Pond Hopper’s Addendum

January 7, 2017

.. Sorry Southampton….for I have never told you this..I was just a young kid honouring her Celtic roots in “silent witness”…


It was the year that I got to study art formally at Southampton School of Fine Art.. art before this was a hodgepodge.  At 16 years, I got my Grade 13 art (2 years earlier than most) at a Kingston collegiate; and had the emotional/financial support of several Economic professors from Queen’s to see to it that I arrived safely… love you Dick-Dick & Diana for this, you will always have a special place in my heart for your belief in me.. you too Doug and Trish, Gordon (Chief) and Sandy, Frank and Nancy … I owe so much to you guys!! ..that and one vice-principal, Mr. Callaghan.. for your connections to the art school!

That was the summer that the Irish Terrorist Campaign ramped up its energy to a Druid’s blaze… (never lived life placidly – doubt I ever will).. nearly got killed by them that Christmas Eve.. they had already killed the cop by the art school earlier …. and I found their hiding place that night (crying over a boyfriend’s harsh words said earlier that evening)…

… Never told anyone about this for decades – never lept so high or so quick over a 4′ iron rod gate, as I did that night – Adrenalin infused into running for my life (intuitively) – got out by the skin of my teeth that night.. they had chosen our neighborhood’s private garden on Abbotts Way to hide in, and were already there by 1:30am – 2:30am, before I had even decided that crying out loud wasn’t an option at home.. so I wandered up three doors to the lane way’s entrance, then down the lane to our private garden… thought I could ball my eyes out there, without anyone listening (or having to listen).. and get it out of my to speak!

… The cops were banging at the doors by 8:30am that morning  – doing some serious house-to-house, and room-to-room searches – I never told my professorial family and was super quiet to the cop standing in front of me.. standing in the hallway that morning of Christmas Eve..

Desensitization and censorship…from there it was on to Middlesex Polytechnic, in London!  Irish bombers there too..but their campaign in London was seriously censored to the public there.  It was a population of 13 million strong; you could not be everywhere; and you could not keep up to everyone’s daily news feed.. and so you didn’t!  It was only when family in Canada would write to say, “are you alright? ..there was another bombing in Trafalgar”.. that I would realize its presence around me.. but I was a Celt, not an Anglo.. so I just soldiered on.. “keep the blood” they would say.. I did!!

You said the police officer died around 11:00 pm that night.. by the tracks and the art school.  Those were the rooms that were occupied by our Ceramics Department studios.  While I did not take Ceramics formally, I would go down occasionally  to throw some clay on a wheel, and just “veg out” .. it was a way to meditate stress away, as well as to invite creative-thinking to connect and communicate with me.  How ironic… that of all the places in our school, this was the place that he lay near as he died that night.

He obviously did not make it back in his earth body, to be with his family for Christmas Eve.. I realized and understood why his “brotherhood” was so focused and angry, as they searched our neighbourhood’s homes.. we were a privileged neighbourhood in Highfield Church, within walking distance of Southampton University, and the IRA knew protocol and minimal interruptions on this holiday were the public hand and handshake that would be practiced.. it gave the IRA a moment to breathe and to regroup.. 42 years later, the gates are still there!  Inanimate objects to hold psychic residue and tapings.. for future readers to participate in.. in our continuum.

We are all human after all!’s inhumanity to man.. most men do not go to war, to leave their families behind, without serious consideration of their ideologies, and their connection to its dogma.. we all do it.. regardless of our “side”, our views!!

So..onward as a “work in progress” I say..  Must get back on the wagon that makes my energy vibrate so well for me.. which then just ripples out to the world..

To all our relations,

Are U6T+?

December 30, 2016

[Put on Bon Jovi’s, “It’s My Life”, while reading this.. add some audio sense to the sight-line of this musing!!] Dedicated to those who stand their ground..

We.. may be a game-changer to the generations that follow us – we will not be sliding downhill in polyester, unless its components provide an upgrade to thermal outer-wear.. or we are in a test market for the latest and thinnest water-resistant, rain-resistant, wind-resistant clothing to keep up with those minimalists, who travel.. ever so lightly!! Dupont is a company that creates, develops, and markets new synthetics to a global market.  They are just down the road, and on the shores of Lake Ontario, just beyond the source of the St. Lawrence River.  I mention them, in passing, because they were synonymous with “polyester” in my youth.. you’re not going to stick that “stuff’ on me when I get older!!?! polyester, or blue hair dye?..

We are the baby-boomers.. we are the weight of the world’s demographic activists, mold-breakers, outliers (although they have been around since the dawn of humanoid activity..really!!!), mavens, and musicians with a synthetic engineering edge.. we dance on a dime to different tunes.. we are registered on different broadbands.. and I hope we will be the ones to push the next biggest thing since the Internet… and that is the beginning of a “merging“…!

Let me tell you what that word means to me…

Merging thought and activity with our own humanoid-kind..

Merging our kind with all that live on Mother Earth, Amerin..

Merging our kind with Home”, and its elements… and not being afraid to accept that we are not the dominant species “here” or at Home.. that’s a big one.. because the “fear” element, and its control elements..are really getting in the way of human progress!

Recognizing that we as a species have a collective memory, which we share with each other, both to retrieve memories… and to converse with others in our present; to move along our development, and our evolution.  I’m not a specialist, but I am sure there are those who tinker with this stuff in a formal setting… as the military certainly do .. they call it “remote viewing”.. move the mind outside the body to a trajectory, or a longitude/latitude, to view the current movement in its quadrant..then get back to the body’s base-camp with the mind’s report!!

..Merge.. collective memory with our physical thoughts, our physical emotions.. in order to communicate/converse with each other as one unit.. scary to some, I am sure!! Put the legacy of “The Law of Oneness” back on the table.. in these merging times of regrowth: of nationalism, objectifying others, and a lack of distribution of (human)wealth.  For those who are comfortable communing with spirit, and “Home” base, we could be merging the higher order of knowledge, communication, and developing non-linear evolution… where might that take us?! Baby-boomers are just the crew to take on this adventure, this experiment.. don’t ya think!?

After all, we are the next to leave the planet; why not set up some communication projects to circumvent that post-expiration date!  We are a part of the continuum, part of earth’s collective legacy…  we are beginning to leave the planet now it were.. what are we leaving behind for our future generations?! .for those who will take over the reins?!..what are we leaving behind for our minimalists?!  For millennia, our First Nations have referred to critical thinking, action, and strategy as crucial to leaving behind the best in wellness for the next 7 generations.. that 100% consensus-building has not yet hit a trajectory mark in our Euro-centrist dogma.  They the way.. are leaving!

As an added tidbit.. to those of us, who are registered as multiple births, we have long since had our own 3D language…  at some point.. at the beginning of our lives, we realized these singlets around us didn’t and still don’t have the same language!!  No fuss!  Take it with a wry smile!!  After all it is the journey that is the ride!

….As Bon Jovi’s my life.. it’s now or never; and I’m not going to live forever..   My heart is like an open highway. Like Frankie said I did it my way.  I just wanna live while I’m alive.. it’s my life.

An old Ohio Buckeye living in Leesburg VA

This old Ohio guy is currently living in Virginia.. it didn’t walk there on its own legs..don’t think it was a vacation, or getting lost on a crossroad somewhere.. perhaps it was careening inside someone’s pocket… just waiting for a pit-stop, seed-stop, etc.

It isn’t just standing around either.. it is a bulletin board of sorts for humanoids in the area..that key was well embedded.. all work and no play make Jack a very dull boy! Gotta love the human spirit!  I throw this gauntlet to you my friend.. Luv and light on your journeys ❤

What If?

October 8, 2016

Step into someone else’s world, dance in their light, and engage with their perspectives… it begins connection!  We don’t do enough to connect genuinely to one another, anymore it seems!  We are a herding species, and yet we seem to place more energy dealing with “fear” and its factors.. rather spending money to fed the expectations we have built, of its presence in our everyday lives.  Why do we do that?

So let me tell you about this “What If”  button.

It’s a really neat button!   It starts the ball rolling… it begins a connection!  Recently I subscribed to an online dating site, of a well branded service.  You have a questionnaire to fill out, and must have a legal status to allow a potential relationship to grow, without complications.  If you are dead straight with yourself as you respond to these questions, you will find that the profiles of potential partners, loaded to your page, are most likely to be people who are right-fitted with your character and your aspirations.

Sounds easy enough, but many of us are absorbed in a construct of porcelain images – ageless and perfect – a mire of impossibilities, where we think the only foot to place forward is that perfect non-offensive, likeable by all, and without flaw of character…  flumadiddle, even the politicians can’t pull that one off, with or without taxpayer’s money!!  If you are brave, you will post a reasonable likeness of your current image… and I might add…the gals will love you for it!

I have noticed that some respondents are more comfortable with virtual-dating.  If that is agreeable between the two parties, then the technology of computer networks, iPads, android phones,  all with the customized voice and data services added to your connection, will make your ride similar to having artificial intelligence, as a replacement for a humanoid mate.  Of course, on the plus side.. it doesn’t lend to risk of separation of assets, or the tearing of hearts, at its closure.  You simply advise you are moving onward.. or worse, you simply don’t respond anymore.. or at worst, you terminate and block your dialogue.  This is a virtual world and simulation environment.  You are in control, with no further risk to your business communities, to your reputation, or family members, or anyone who prefers your presence in their world.. as a single entity.

Hitting that button has allowed me to wander “outside the box”; it is something that designers do with instinct, or with many layers of hard knocks over the millennia (my beliefs include reincarnation).  We have let go of the shoreline, and are enjoying the current’s ride, giving up a little of that control… that safety zone.. to see where we land next.  Think positively.. because it might just be the ride of your lifetime, and bring you to people and places you would not have otherwise engaged upon… that you would have never meet had you clung to your old ways.. your shoreline!

Hitting that button has also made me realize that I live the most gracefully, and the most in sync with others who are a part of the “creative class“… My daughter Rachael, my mother, my brother, and sister-in-law are living kindred spirits who express visually; and my other brother, my twin and brother-in-law, and my sister Daph all express their creativeness through witty engagement of pen on paper… and occasionally as the unexpected oracle at an evening’s soiree!  Dinner is always more engaging when two or more start swinging their metaphors at one another… which then sometimes leads to a cross-hatching and layering of more than one topic blending over another!  They are unexpected, they erupt suddenly, and are over and gone as quickly.  The one who connects to me will not be afraid of these intimacies of human connection… I prefer to watch life from outside of our box and our old ways.gan-erin-matt-daff-2015-011

We are all slowly moving down our own paths toward transitioning back to spirit.  We can step with urgency into those more unusual paths of human experiences… as those of us already engaged with our creative classes do …. or we can remain in the safety nets of the old ways!!  One way or another it is your ride and your “What If?” button.

I throw this gauntlet to you my friend… Luv and light on your journeys 


An Evening in the Gatineau

June 6, 2016 1 Comment

The Big 60 with Rach in Gatineaus 2016 031-001

Green energy orb joined our walk about after dinner, down Aylmer’s Rue Principale, in the Gatineau. Coincidentally, green is the colour of the heart chakra, and this orb is floating near the area of the heart of this Buddhist icon.

My daughter kidnapped me for an celebratory evening and night out in Aylmer, which is a part of Quebec’s Gatineau, across the Ottawa River.  The restaurant and employees of Antonyme created a lovely presentation of dishes and sauces, and an accompaniment of wines to “pop” the meal.  We headed back to a similarly great Airbnb on Symmes, and with – what some would still regard, in our 21st Century as – unusual evening companions.

I call this form of photography “intuitive photography” because you are clicking your shots intuitively.  What you reap on film only shows up afterwards, because you can’t always see them with your negative eye – most of us just don’t wish to develop our own equipment!  I have noticed that when there are urges to take a shot, or even when the camera seems to go off unexpectedly, there usually is something revealed, once you start to examine your photos.  I tend to leave the camera on a “no flash” mode, and I also try to leave the setting on as natural a setting as possible, so that it is possible to catch the light as it is, while you are filming.  That said – it was only after the evening was over that I noticed our company!

We also passed the The British Hotel, which has a rich history of nearly 200 years of existence, as well as all that our human history contributes to human architecture.  There we definitely found more orbs spending a night out.  Prominently seen are a blue and two green orbs.  Unlike dust or water particles, orbs change positions in your photographs, from one minute to the next.  As free forms of energy they float along and take interest in the things and people that are of interest to them.  They float closer to you sometimes; they behave like friends walking home with you, so they may “walk ahead of you or behind you” at their own pace; and sometimes they just float upward to experience a bird’s eye view of you, or possibly other energy forms.  You can’t destroy matter, so energy can merge and flow through many materials… and digital photography lends to capturing this form of energy on “film” for our tangible eyes to review.

The Big 60 with Rach in Gatineaus 2016 047

Joined by a small infantry of spirit orbs down Rue Principale in Aylmer.

For those inclined, there is an additional privilege to spending a pleasant evening with orbs – and that is their heightened sense of insight; their knowledge of the spirit world, in addition to knowing our physical plane too.  They affect our senses, as well as our knowing.  They are able to influence our intentions.  Perhaps even intervene…  They are a gal’s best pal to a safe night out… if you will!  It was a beautiful night out in the Gatineau, and a special memory given as a gift by my daughter.  Love to all our relations!