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maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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Birthday Ode to a Great Old Soul

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I send this thought and wish for you on your 25th Birthday Matt. As of 12:30 am August 4th twenty-five years ago, you became Matt, and incarnated with those of us in Earth School. I have been so honoured to have been chosen, by you, to be your Mom, for this incarnation, and honoured again that our Great Mother gave you to me, to be my son, for the time that you were able to be with us on this Mother Earth. Now you have gone home to the Spirit World, I have had to hand you back to our Great Mother. I have done so, but I miss you terribly. This is selfish of me – I know this – as I too have lessons to learn, and must remain longer. I know we are not here long – any of us – when we are compared to an infinite continuum. We can only wish to strive for and achieve the life lessons we were sent here to learn and to develop.

An Elder told me a long time ago that you would never die of high blood pressure, or a heart attack, because one of your gifts was that you could let go; you could treat situations like water off a duck’s back! You would let life’s situations roll off your back, if you had to. You did! You have done so! So I pay my homage to you Matt.

At some point we must close the akashic records on this file. I take comfort in knowing that as humans we do not know all there is to know, and that as you have had lives in the past, you will have lives in the future. I would love to have a glimpse of where you will go and what you will do next, as you are such an old soul. I wonder at times, if you even had to come over; that you were sent here to make our lives and lessons easier – that would be so like you – the you I have known as Matt.

Know that I will never stop hunting for the truth – for your honour, and for the peace of mind of those left behind. I will be honoured to hunt for you! And I will not stop until I find those who killed you. Touche coupe – Sioux style! That and perhaps a little dance with the borealis – Celtic style! And when they have been named, it will be up to your brothers to decide what to do with that insight. Like other stories in the news, the military police are up to 4 versions now of what happened to you. They dishonour your family in the military when they can’t keep their story straight, and they dishonour your blood family. They hide their paperwork from all of us! They can’t even tell us the time of your death. The Medical Examiner had you down as approximately 6′, 170 lbs, green eyes and blonde hair. Who the hell did they pick up to play as you Matt? She didn’t even show up on the Base the day they found you dead (forgot her measuring tape, and apparently couldn’t borrow one) – took a look at you the next day on the 14th, and couldn’t even estimate a time of death – wtf?!. Who could ever forget your infectious smile, your steel grey blue eyes, your beautiful light brown hair; that you were bulking out at over 200 lbs, stood 6’5″, and you were still growing. The boys in our family don’t slow down in growth until 25 years in. What might you have become? They don’t know; they don’t care; too incompetent to figure it out??? Or have they been silenced by a “who you know” and not a “what you know”? They call it a military investigation, and then seal the lips of your brothers. Only your brothers will know what they can live with… chivalry, perhaps an artform of the past… courage, perhaps an artform of the past… both are not well paid… just an observation!

As for your home brothers, they took you out that night with them, in their hearts, and celebrated, that they too knew you, loved you, and maybe will have earth time with you again. They love you and cherish you… and sadly, at some point, we will all have to let you go onward with your journey.

I will always cherish and love the time that you spent with me, as my son. To be continued!

… luv and light on your journeys…


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