maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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Orbs Play with War of 1812 Re-Enactors

September 3, 2012 , , ,


This year, 2012, marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812, and Gananoque, was just one community that had the pleasure of hosting several hundred re-enactors this past August 24th – 26th. These re-enactors are all hard-working and dedicated people, who treasure human history. They took time out of their otherwise engaged lives, congregated here, and partook in the re-enactment of, “The Attack on Gananoque”. Welcome – and what a great re-enactment all of you created!!

I believe in reciprocity. Just as you lay down your cameras to engage in the characters/roles of soldiers, and battle, for the sake of the crowds – so too, I feel, it is my duty to give back to you the pictures of your labour, and the visions you gave to us, as you so enthusiastically crawled into your characters, and gear. It was a hot day, 38 degrees Celcius or 100.4 degrees Farenheit. This would not have been the experience of the infantries two hundred years ago – so again my hats off to all of you, who endured.

So take a look at who else was playing with you!! Unidentified phenomena has always peaked my interest, but especially since 2009. I like to engage in an intuitive form of photography – be it people, animals, places, or anything that just hits your heart, as a “wow” moment. So, was I in the right place at the right time? Luck? In this case, some may even argue “dust particles”. But… dust particles don’t grow or hover over people (or certain people in  particular), or show as lights moving across the sky.

Check out images of orbs, and spirit orbs on Google, and do a little comparing. Again –  the shots taken are not shopped, and these orbs could not be seen with the naked eye (at the time that the photo was taken). They seem to be in the spherical form of a light energy, or colours… Some were over the water, and some were in the park…  and I find them to be absolutely fascinating!

Take what you need and leave the rest!  This said so eloquently by our Algonquin Elders.Image


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