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Medical Examiner Should Go to the Bull Pen – A Comparative “Review”

September 25, 2012 , , , , ,

Sibling Jousting at The End of a Holiday

You can see the muscle difference in this shot. Matt was 6’5″ and probably 60 + lbs heavier than Rach. How does a Medical Examiner write down so many errors, in describing this guy, and still keep her job? Ozark material?!! Because really Alberta – I hope you don’t train ’em like this, or import them from other parts of Canada, as defective equipment! She thought he was “approximately 6′ ” – her written words! Where in the audaciousness of scientific reporting do you even get to write the word “approximately”, in an examiner’s report, when describing something as simple as a height measurement? She wrote that he was about 170 lbs – Rach is 140 lbs in this shot. She wrote that he had blonde hair and green eyes. Really!! Matt’s eyes didn’t change from birth – they were steel grey blue. His hair was lighter in the summers, as a child, but he had grown out of that as an adult. If gurneys are 72-76 inches, Matt would have been dangling over the edge still. How can you miss so many blatant facts, and still call it a Medical Examiner’s Report? Do you really think it is acceptable to not give a time of death? Have you, at any time, even estimated a time of death? Do you really think Canadians will swallow that one? Does every military mother have to wonder whether you will be the one assigned to “review” her child, in the case of death? If that’s the case – Mothers get your soldiers out of Northern Alberta.

The funeral director told us it was your discretion not to conduct an autopsy – and that you chose not to. Why? Because you weren’t there? Well you weren’t there – ironically! But, I think “weren’t there” describes many things about your professional bantering, where Matt is concerned. Why did you not go to the crime scene? NOT invited.. don’t have jurisdiction over a military base? If a coroner didn’t show up on a crime scene in Ontario, what do you think the media would have done, with that little bonus? Serious reasons to change your legislation, in Alberta, if ANY of this is remotely out of your power. Serious reasons to create a federal level of check and balance for all coroners across Canada, if any of these inconsistencies are regular patterns. And, on a more humorous note, serious reasons for the “informal economy” to dump their dead bodies in Alberta, if Medical Examiners aren’t up to the task of investigation, held by coroners of other provinces! ( Small laugh here – when I talked about a coroner’s review and inquest into this misadventure, the JAG responded that “there are no coroners in Alberta”.) Are you still swallowing Canada?

After talking with different levels of police enforcement officers, here in Ontario, here are some differences. The moment anything appears illogical, at a scene of death, it is reviewed. If a 90-year-old woman is found dead in her bed, with a bunch of pills by her side, there’s a good chance she is going in for an autopsy. She’s 90 – that’s right – but did she misdiagnose how many pills she should have, might have had, mistook, and did she personally take them? The moment there is a question about the pattern of events, it is an automatic progression to further analysis. All officers suggested that we, the family, were entitled to the police reports. Is that different in Alberta? Mothers of soldiers – do you think it is right that our military or police have the right to withhold documents from us, when it describes the demise of the ones we have birthed?

The CFNIS and the RCMP can’t come to terms of agreement as to whose case this is! On November 28th, the NIS rep said the RCMP took over the Occurrence Report. But, the Superintendent of the RCMP says they assisted the military, not the other way around. Whose lying!!

To be continued….


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