maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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NASA.. A Thought

October 18, 2012 , ,

At the time that Matt’s buddies were convening for his funeral visitations, I mentioned that I was willing to create a small comemorative urn, to be taken on a “tour”. Matt was still apprenticing to be a Vehicle Technician, out of Edmonton, when he was killed, and had yet to be deployed. He had been gearing up for it, since April 2011, as the smoking breaks in the garage were revealing.

At the time of that visitation, CWO Vey, you might say, came to the rescue of the boys, and suggested that the thought might be a little overwhelming to the “boys”. There was no obligation for anyone, and I didn’t want anyone feeling pressured. I suppose to some, thinking of “ongoing projects” was rather out of the ordinary.

That said, the courageous have picked up the relay baton and continued to run with it. Matt still manages to make it out with some of his very close friends, on the momentous occasions. Thank you to all of you who do this – I can’t tell how much it warms the heart!

The big wish list project is making Matt the first man on Mars. He would have a small portion of his ashes embedded in a copper or bronzed maple leaf. He would represent the Canadian Forces as Craftsman Hunter-Brown, on his own permanent postumus or emeritus tour on Mars. It would be one for the boys. He would also represent our southern cousins in name-sake. The “Hunter” name is in honour of one fine American soldier from Danvers and Peabody, Massachusetts, and The Great War. He was Norman Woodbury Hunter, 1895 – 1957. I was named after him. Can we find a congressman from Massachusetts that might be willing to forward our goal/cause to have one metal maple leaf, embedded with some of Matt’s ashes, on a space shuttle expedition to Mars? He would be there, in all time, to greet our first astronauts, and explorers, when we get there!

There are missions to Mars in 2013 and 2014. Some of you may think it is a crazy thought. I choose to believe that we must “step out” and “step up” sometimes, in order to inspire others, to be the best they can be too. Matt was doing that in his own life. This would be his contribution to Amerin, The Mother Who Keeps Us, and to those of us who live upon her in North America. What do you say…


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