maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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Journey Circles

November 22, 2012

Circles of light.. circles of energy..

We walked November 12th and laid tobacco in the fire, this day.

There are circles of light, circles of energy, and many faces of nature looking back at you and the camera, in this photo…and just today, I found this green orb floating near the ground What do you see?

It was just about dusk, in Eastern Standard Time (EST). This was a 6km hike at Charleston Lake Provincial Park, and the ending of a very peaceful day. I lightened the picture up, and found this little green orb on the path with us. Always nice to have the curious, walking along with us.. and always nice to have their protection.  

This is an enlargement of our green orb.

This is the mystery guest, or should I say we were their guests today. It was 16-20 degrees Celcius/ 60-68 Farenheit on a late November day – unheard of for Southeastern Ontario at this time of the year. The hike in and out was serene, and the sun was sinking fast, at this point. Took the last shots of the path, as we were emerging out of the woods.

There are many photos, lately, that seem to have the illusion of many faces looking out at you. Either it is the configuration of branches and light, creating a compositional illusion of a human face, or part of (especially the eyes), or, there really is a plasma veil that is captured on film, allowing us to view this and their world, of spirit. This dimension has many interpretations by our material world. Who are we to judge another’s construct? Pictures like this, let me believe there is more to life than just us, and that we need to connect with spirit realm, to sync again with the Law of Oneness. We cannot always cowtail to the bottom line; we are going in the wrong direction, if we think that goal is everything.

We weren’t alone afterall! We are glad to have this journey with you.   In spirithood, and to all our relations…

Rock Tallow Bay Trail


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