maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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Sky Riders

November 27, 2012 , , ,

One of the first lessons, taught to me by the Saulteaux Nation was to watch the sky (and recognize) images; to watch what the images were doing. Part of it is your imagination, of course; like dreams it triggers feelings, or stories, etc. Part of it is finding an image, or watching an image change from one shape into something else. It unfolded a story, or maybe it made you apreciate something, someone, etc.

Early morning at the Martello Tower, Point Pleasant, Halifax.

This one reminds me of, “The Land of Og”, with all its mythical creatures. Hurricane Juan had skipped up the east coast, the summer before, and trees still looked like mangled steel on the skyline.   The image in the sky makes me think of an old Grandfather Rat, looking west, as we face north. It’s early morning. The sun is still deciding how much shine Halifax will get, that day. In Eastern astrology, the Rat was the first to greet the Emperor, hence the first sign in their zodiac. It is a gregarious, approachable, and personable being. This one looks like it is wearing a cloak, or reclining in some way. It seems to be just taking it all in, as it drifts along. It definitely dominates your attention to its image. I am sure I see some other faces there too, just not as easy to pick out. But that’s the fun of this game.. what do you see?  Moments later this Grandfather Rat image is gone, and you are looking at something else. As the sky lightens, your mind transitions to the tasks that are ahead in the day. You and your thoughts are no longer riding the sky waves, but are firmly standing on the ground. They have a name for her, Amerin, The Mother Who Keeps Us.


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