maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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An Introduction to Erik, Jamie & Elisa (Part One)

September 4, 2014 , , , ,

Absent Lizard

Absent Lizard

Matt's Toy Lizard

Matt’s Toy Lizard

Lizard Back in Its Place

Lizard Back in Its Place

I am a thriving and vibrant procrastinator. My talent and competition, in this field, is on par with the likes of salmonella poisoning, ravaging your grocery bag (no ice) during a 4 hour commute to the cottage. It’s anybody’s game, as to who wins. I’m not proud of it, but I currently live with this obnoxious little beast. I don’t have 50 years left to get off this habit – but, I’m trying!

That said…

I met these three beautiful souls this past winter, while traveling to spend dinner with my Elder, Morning Star. The winter had been longer and colder than recent years, and I had not seen her over the Christmas holiday. Valentine’s Day had just passed too, and there was a tinge of guilt that I had not yet delivered my Christmas card to her – in person. A visit was decidedly “in order” – do it… or mail the dang card… My focus that day was to knock this task off my mounting To Do List. That, at least, was how the late afternoon started.

I had not driven on Kingston roads this past winter, as my commute to work ended at the edge of the city. How was I to know the snowbanks were so high that it rendered no-show sidewalks, or anything else, situated just off the road? The roads felt like a racetrack with waist high curves. The sensation was compounded with commuter traffic, heading home to the west-end. What the Jesus H was I doing out in the middle of this? The answer, I thought, was paragraph #1. Wrong answer… attributable… but other things were afoot!

That day, there was a growing anxious sensation of a pending accident… not “if” but “when”. There was no room to veer off, if someone ahead skidded or slide out of their lane. I felt panic. I suddenly decided to take the next right (wherever) and get off the main road. Within seconds, I had landed in a parking lot. Chapter’s parking lot. Oh Glory! …another ripe little habit… that of being a reading buzzard.

By now a call to my Elder was expected, as I would not be at her dinner table on time. I explained that I was waiting out the commuter traffic and heading over afterward. That meant putting in time looking at books. Another twinge! My feet were on auto-pilot to the self-help, art, and spiritual sections. My hands were on auto-pilot to a few books halfway up the shelves. The first book I pulled out from a tiny indent of books was, “The Key”, by Whitley Strieber. I thought… nice coincidence… very provoking! Without thinking, my hand moved along the shelf to about 3 books over and a lovely azure blue one. Pulled it out…

OK Matt… so what are we really doing here? and whose shopping anyway? I hadn’t planned this, and nor had my budget! The title of this book was,”Channeling Erik: Interviews with My Son in the Afterlife”, by Dr.Elisa Medhus. This is about the recounts of a mother and her son, through his transition of suicide. He is a young adult of 20 years. This is a story of life events unchallenged as a suicide. It is a book about many facets of suicide, but from the perspective of spirit life and conscious energy. She engages with “Home” plate, picks up her relationship with her son again, and challenges the gap between material world (Earth) and spirit realm. Needless to say, I came out of Chapters with both books.

Erik showed up about three days later… with his first prank! And Jamie.. well Jamie is the peanut butter between two slices of bread. Through Jamie’s gift, we are able to listen to what Erik has to say, about things and other worlds. Without her, Erik would have had a case of laryngitis for awhile longer and, Elisa might not have found another spirit communicator, with so few filters, as quickly.

Thank you Matt for shoving me into their book, and thank you Erik, Jamie & Elisa for your courage to speak up about this realm of conscious energy, and our infinite connection to “it”!

On with the first of Erik’s visits and pranks in Part Two… Save the pics. They are the visual background, of what he gets up to!!


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