maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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An Evening in the Gatineau

June 6, 2016 ,

The Big 60 with Rach in Gatineaus 2016 031-001

Green energy orb joined our walk about after dinner, down Aylmer’s Rue Principale, in the Gatineau. Coincidentally, green is the colour of the heart chakra, and this orb is floating near the area of the heart of this Buddhist icon.

My daughter kidnapped me for an celebratory evening and night out in Aylmer, which is a part of Quebec’s Gatineau, across the Ottawa River.  The restaurant and employees of Antonyme created a lovely presentation of dishes and sauces, and an accompaniment of wines to “pop” the meal.  We headed back to a similarly great Airbnb on Symmes, and with – what some would still regard, in our 21st Century as – unusual evening companions.

I call this form of photography “intuitive photography” because you are clicking your shots intuitively.  What you reap on film only shows up afterwards, because you can’t always see them with your negative eye – most of us just don’t wish to develop our own equipment!  I have noticed that when there are urges to take a shot, or even when the camera seems to go off unexpectedly, there usually is something revealed, once you start to examine your photos.  I tend to leave the camera on a “no flash” mode, and I also try to leave the setting on as natural a setting as possible, so that it is possible to catch the light as it is, while you are filming.  That said – it was only after the evening was over that I noticed our company!

We also passed the The British Hotel, which has a rich history of nearly 200 years of existence, as well as all that our human history contributes to human architecture.  There we definitely found more orbs spending a night out.  Prominently seen are a blue and two green orbs.  Unlike dust or water particles, orbs change positions in your photographs, from one minute to the next.  As free forms of energy they float along and take interest in the things and people that are of interest to them.  They float closer to you sometimes; they behave like friends walking home with you, so they may “walk ahead of you or behind you” at their own pace; and sometimes they just float upward to experience a bird’s eye view of you, or possibly other energy forms.  You can’t destroy matter, so energy can merge and flow through many materials… and digital photography lends to capturing this form of energy on “film” for our tangible eyes to review.

The Big 60 with Rach in Gatineaus 2016 047

Joined by a small infantry of spirit orbs down Rue Principale in Aylmer.

For those inclined, there is an additional privilege to spending a pleasant evening with orbs – and that is their heightened sense of insight; their knowledge of the spirit world, in addition to knowing our physical plane too.  They affect our senses, as well as our knowing.  They are able to influence our intentions.  Perhaps even intervene…  They are a gal’s best pal to a safe night out… if you will!  It was a beautiful night out in the Gatineau, and a special memory given as a gift by my daughter.  Love to all our relations!


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Miss Maggie, thoroughly enjoyed “What If,” and I’m honored to be a fellow traveler in your “creative class.” Reminds me of the title of an essay penned awhile back: “Creative Risk-Taking: The Art of Designing Disorder.” Look forward to generating some creative disorder. Mark


December 13, 2016

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