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maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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What If?

October 8, 2016 , , , , , , ,

Step into someone else’s world, dance in their light, and engage with their perspectives… it begins connection!  We don’t do enough to connect genuinely to one another, anymore it seems!  We are a herding species, and yet we seem to place more energy dealing with “fear” and its factors.. rather spending money to fed the expectations we have built, of its presence in our everyday lives.  Why do we do that?

So let me tell you about this “What If”  button.

It’s a really neat button!   It starts the ball rolling… it begins a connection!  Recently I subscribed to an online dating site, of a well branded service.  You have a questionnaire to fill out, and must have a legal status to allow a potential relationship to grow, without complications.  If you are dead straight with yourself as you respond to these questions, you will find that the profiles of potential partners, loaded to your page, are most likely to be people who are right-fitted with your character and your aspirations.

Sounds easy enough, but many of us are absorbed in a construct of porcelain images – ageless and perfect – a mire of impossibilities, where we think the only foot to place forward is that perfect non-offensive, likeable by all, and without flaw of character…  flumadiddle, even the politicians can’t pull that one off, with or without taxpayer’s money!!  If you are brave, you will post a reasonable likeness of your current image… and I might add…the gals will love you for it!

I have noticed that some respondents are more comfortable with virtual-dating.  If that is agreeable between the two parties, then the technology of computer networks, iPads, android phones,  all with the customized voice and data services added to your connection, will make your ride similar to having artificial intelligence, as a replacement for a humanoid mate.  Of course, on the plus side.. it doesn’t lend to risk of separation of assets, or the tearing of hearts, at its closure.  You simply advise you are moving onward.. or worse, you simply don’t respond anymore.. or at worst, you terminate and block your dialogue.  This is a virtual world and simulation environment.  You are in control, with no further risk to your business communities, to your reputation, or family members, or anyone who prefers your presence in their world.. as a single entity.

Hitting that button has allowed me to wander “outside the box”; it is something that designers do with instinct, or with many layers of hard knocks over the millennia (my beliefs include reincarnation).  We have let go of the shoreline, and are enjoying the current’s ride, giving up a little of that control… that safety zone.. to see where we land next.  Think positively.. because it might just be the ride of your lifetime, and bring you to people and places you would not have otherwise engaged upon… that you would have never meet had you clung to your old ways.. your shoreline!

Hitting that button has also made me realize that I live the most gracefully, and the most in sync with others who are a part of the “creative class“… My daughter Rachael, my mother, my brother, and sister-in-law are living kindred spirits who express visually; and my other brother, my twin and brother-in-law, and my sister Daph all express their creativeness through witty engagement of pen on paper… and occasionally as the unexpected oracle at an evening’s soiree!  Dinner is always more engaging when two or more start swinging their metaphors at one another… which then sometimes leads to a cross-hatching and layering of more than one topic blending over another!  They are unexpected, they erupt suddenly, and are over and gone as quickly.  The one who connects to me will not be afraid of these intimacies of human connection… I prefer to watch life from outside of our box and our old ways.gan-erin-matt-daff-2015-011

We are all slowly moving down our own paths toward transitioning back to spirit.  We can step with urgency into those more unusual paths of human experiences… as those of us already engaged with our creative classes do …. or we can remain in the safety nets of the old ways!!  One way or another it is your ride and your “What If?” button.

I throw this gauntlet to you my friend… Luv and light on your journeys 



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