maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

maggiehunterbrown Unsung voices and other melodies…

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Summer Solstice on the St. Lawrence River

May 13, 2016


Aging Gracefully

May 13, 2016

I worked for Marshall Cavendish, a publishing house in London, during my time studying Graphic Design & Illustration.  To many Brits and co-workers, I was their little “colonial”. But then – this was the 80’s!

A fellow “colonial” and colleague, taught me something, which I have kept with me ever since!  Frances was from Trinidad & Tobago, and a beautiful soul inside and out – although that is not how many Brits described him.  To them he was “black” – of course he wasn’t!  I add this as background because I believe he had considerably more astute observations, than most, to contribute to our monosyllabic daily duties.  He was a perspicacious young  old soul, running around the likes of a Soho publishing house!

I am a white, female Celt. I blended into my background nicely – with gratitude to my ancestors!  To many of London’s circles, however, he was seen as “on the outside”….probably on more occasions, than he cared to experience.  From that angle he was wise beyond his years, and he was aging gracefully.  He had serenity, a sense of peace and protocol, already in his 20’s… something that I was then still having to acquire in mine.

The one thing he observed about English and North American society was that “we had not been taught how to fail gracefully”.  If we were put off, or made to face an attribute we were not keen on, we tended to be defensive, and tone-deaf in debate.  Instead, we could have engaged in learning about the elements that led to his epiphany.  What a sense of loss!

I was really lucky having this “colonial” as a colleague, and as a mentor in the clerking world of Marshall Cavendish.  He was like a big brother, keeping a small herd Celts and Anglo-Saxons on task, but with these little embers of engagement and thought-provoking conversations.

This incarnated life’s memories are richer for his brief presence, and path-crossing. I give salutations to Trinidad’s sons and all their relations! Greetings to all our Relations! & Go braugh!

Saint Lawrence Unfolds Her Colours

May 13, 2016

Mother Nature’s Spring Collection

Amber, greens, & blues… sharp autumn fused with pastels



Punked By A Spirit

November 3, 2015

I love Forrest J Ackerman’s energy and the legacy he left behind.  It is still reverberates in places and with people.  I had watched “The Life After Death Project” in the early morning, just as  Hallow’s Eve was merging into daylight this year.  After seeing the film, I sent a little green energy out to him, as a sign of respect for his contributions to the film industry, and more importantly his mind.  We were lucky to connect to him, and coincide with his life’s walk, this past round!  As with Erik Medhus and Elisa Medhus’s book, “My Son and the Afterlife”, I believe I got punked! But by who….

Erik punked me a few days after I brought his book home. I sent a little green energy out to him, at that time also.  These spirits are wise beyond years – no point spooking people because people retract, retreat, etc., and shut down, just to disconnect from the disagreeable… at least that’s what I think!

So who punked me… perhaps it was Forry!

I usually take the keys with me, when leaving the house to go outside.  This is trivial habit, but it saves me from  imposing upon supers, who may not be there, for your call, or worst may not have an available key to get back in.. so it has become a habit of safety.. always take your keys!

I live with a cat in a house previously owned by a doctor, and previously visited by Al Capone.  It just jazzes up the place!!  The cat has never tinkered with the door.  He is 21 years old, and slightly frail, and too small to reach the knob.  He was also out the door before me on our constitutional walk about on the grounds.  I had to unlock the door to walk through.  I closed the door slightly, but did not shut or lock the door.  We were only going to be 20 minutes, at best!

When we got back the door was shut, and locked.  A little chuckle went out, because I had the keys, but I think they knew this as well. Nothing spooky; just a reminder they are there, and able to listen in, and able to receive our energy too.

It reminds me of the engineering professor at Queen’s university, by the name of Ralph, who was always challenged by his students, when they regularly locked him out of his lecture room.  He wore a tool belt as a result! That’s another story and another neat character!

The locked door hasn’t happened since!  Perhaps because the point and acknowledgement have been made!

Snowflakes Win Hands Down Over Humans This Year

February 28, 2015

The winter has been miserably cold this year in South Eastern Ontario. It hasn’t been a week or two of frigid weather, then back to a winter as we know it. It has been one cold snap after another, with hopefully a day or two of reprieve! As a Kingstonian, some of the city snowbanks are about six feet high. As a Canadian Great Laker, I’m already at the Canadian/American borderline. If one could move further south, why wouldn’t you seriously consider it! As I get older, I can understand why the “snowbird” migration might grow as a movement. It’s in our bones to do so, and in our demographics to grow over these next 20 years.

Some people use media spin, as a tool, to demean or minimize global weather changes, or advocate its existence and impact. Funny, how there is a disparity between those able to manipulate human impact on our earth habitat, and those affected by that impact. We are seemingly transitioning class-ism to a simpler or more polarized model – “haves” vs. “have-nots”. It’s an over-simplification of climate change and human movement in such a finite space of Earth, but still an observation, in my opinion.

I guess if the hurricanes, tornadoes, extreme weather patterns, etc., are becoming more frequent in your geo-location, it is best to move to a more humanely desirable place, before our herd-like kind descends… otherwise you may risk facing a new financial/economic component, as those market prices rise, in an inevitable demand.

On those evenings and nights when we are hibernating, here are a few interesting reads: Jane Jacobs, “Dark Age Ahead”, “The Death and Life of Great American Cities”, “Systems of Survival”, “Cities and the Wealth of Nations”; Ronald Wright, “An Illustrated Short History of Progress”, “What is America?”, and for those who enjoy added intrigue, “Stolen Continents” (as we consider environmental refugees & migration patterns to more humane environments). I would throw in author Maude Barlow, as she speaks out about the scarcity of fresh water, with a growing human population, but that’s another chapter.

As Canadians, we also watched the hurricane speed storms hit the Eastern Seaboard, and the Maritimes these past couple of years. I was able to see FEMA’s participation in part of that recovery. There was joy in seeing the anecdotes unfold, as one human reached out to another, but there wasn’t enough at the collective level. It is disappointing to note, even in this day and age (as two solid members of the G20 nations), how we brag we have it all in our dogma of “democracy”. Why are we leaving so many people behind? This already precludes nations, who aren’t able to recover within their own GDP. Many of us, within our own country’s borders, may be or will be in the next wave, to go down in “unrecoverable” situations. It’s not “just” a geological series of winter storms anymore!

I wrote much of this, as a response to a blogger I follow in Maryland, as he writes about Washington D.C. – John Hayden. (He is a journalist; he claims retired status; but really, the pen and ink are still flowing!) All of us are more or less experiencing the same Nor’ Easters or Clippers hitting the continent’s east side. We will see March’s “in like a lamb or lion” tomorrow. The Almanac findings for Groundhog’s Day are pretty much fodder for the wood-stove this winter! I think snowflakes win hands down over the humans this year!

An Introduction to Erik, Jamie & Elisa (Part One)

September 4, 2014

Absent Lizard

Absent Lizard

Matt's Toy Lizard

Matt’s Toy Lizard

Lizard Back in Its Place

Lizard Back in Its Place

I am a thriving and vibrant procrastinator. My talent and competition, in this field, is on par with the likes of salmonella poisoning, ravaging your grocery bag (no ice) during a 4 hour commute to the cottage. It’s anybody’s game, as to who wins. I’m not proud of it, but I currently live with this obnoxious little beast. I don’t have 50 years left to get off this habit – but, I’m trying!

That said…

I met these three beautiful souls this past winter, while traveling to spend dinner with my Elder, Morning Star. The winter had been longer and colder than recent years, and I had not seen her over the Christmas holiday. Valentine’s Day had just passed too, and there was a tinge of guilt that I had not yet delivered my Christmas card to her – in person. A visit was decidedly “in order” – do it… or mail the dang card… My focus that day was to knock this task off my mounting To Do List. That, at least, was how the late afternoon started.

I had not driven on Kingston roads this past winter, as my commute to work ended at the edge of the city. How was I to know the snowbanks were so high that it rendered no-show sidewalks, or anything else, situated just off the road? The roads felt like a racetrack with waist high curves. The sensation was compounded with commuter traffic, heading home to the west-end. What the Jesus H was I doing out in the middle of this? The answer, I thought, was paragraph #1. Wrong answer… attributable… but other things were afoot!

That day, there was a growing anxious sensation of a pending accident… not “if” but “when”. There was no room to veer off, if someone ahead skidded or slide out of their lane. I felt panic. I suddenly decided to take the next right (wherever) and get off the main road. Within seconds, I had landed in a parking lot. Chapter’s parking lot. Oh Glory! …another ripe little habit… that of being a reading buzzard.

By now a call to my Elder was expected, as I would not be at her dinner table on time. I explained that I was waiting out the commuter traffic and heading over afterward. That meant putting in time looking at books. Another twinge! My feet were on auto-pilot to the self-help, art, and spiritual sections. My hands were on auto-pilot to a few books halfway up the shelves. The first book I pulled out from a tiny indent of books was, “The Key”, by Whitley Strieber. I thought… nice coincidence… very provoking! Without thinking, my hand moved along the shelf to about 3 books over and a lovely azure blue one. Pulled it out…

OK Matt… so what are we really doing here? and whose shopping anyway? I hadn’t planned this, and nor had my budget! The title of this book was,”Channeling Erik: Interviews with My Son in the Afterlife”, by Dr.Elisa Medhus. This is about the recounts of a mother and her son, through his transition of suicide. He is a young adult of 20 years. This is a story of life events unchallenged as a suicide. It is a book about many facets of suicide, but from the perspective of spirit life and conscious energy. She engages with “Home” plate, picks up her relationship with her son again, and challenges the gap between material world (Earth) and spirit realm. Needless to say, I came out of Chapters with both books.

Erik showed up about three days later… with his first prank! And Jamie.. well Jamie is the peanut butter between two slices of bread. Through Jamie’s gift, we are able to listen to what Erik has to say, about things and other worlds. Without her, Erik would have had a case of laryngitis for awhile longer and, Elisa might not have found another spirit communicator, with so few filters, as quickly.

Thank you Matt for shoving me into their book, and thank you Erik, Jamie & Elisa for your courage to speak up about this realm of conscious energy, and our infinite connection to “it”!

On with the first of Erik’s visits and pranks in Part Two… Save the pics. They are the visual background, of what he gets up to!!

Tay’s Rising

April 16, 2014

The illusion of the green tree in spring in the water, and the reality of the hail & snow which fell on the tree earlier this morning.

The illusion of the green tree in spring in the water, and the reality of the hail & snow which fell on the tree earlier this morning.

A few days ago the dock's top surface was above water. She looks magical to the photographer.

A few days ago the dock’s top surface was above water. She looks magical to the photographer.

Tay's rising means wildlife shops for food at your door. Mother Nature will have her way, during seasonal changes, and provide for many. There's a duality of images, as parts of the lawn go underwater. The hail and snow fell today, just days after double digits were experienced, for the first time this year. Global changes and a human population that continues to grow. We are on a path that cannot sustain.

Spring Melt

April 8, 2014

Spring Melt

We have passed the spring equinox, and finally the snow is beginning to melt. It has been a long winter this year. Life is coming back to the river. Well really, it has always been there, it’s just humans think in terms of ego, so we are beginning to notice its movements again. At this point, you only get back out on the river when it is (completely) wet!

Spring Flights

April 8, 2014

Spring Flights

There is movement on the water, with Canadian Geese flying in and out; herons picking out real estate, beaver and otter on the shoreline, if you are just quiet and contented to watch them. The click of the camera is enough for the savvy to take off. Sadly it is humans, who have taught them to be wary.

Morning Sunrise

April 8, 2014

Morning Sunrise

7:30am on the Tay River in early April 2014
The sun has been visible for nearly an hour, and the waters are warming up. Wildlife is dancing with the wind, air, water and Mother Earth. It also dances with humanity, if we let it reach out to us .